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Talking Points for Operators

Here are some talking points for your patter between QSOs when not in a pileup or to get started and draw attention to your frequency. For background before you begin operation, consider reading through some of the links on the main page of the website.

April is Franklin County’s Moonshine Heritage Month. The W4M special event station is celebrating this annual event and commemorating (not celebrating) the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of prohibition (the 18th Amendment).

Franklin County, Virginia, is the Moonshine Capital of the World because moonshine production and bootlegging drove the local economy during prohibition.

The Great Moonshine Conspiracy of 1935 happened right here in Franklin County. Many of the events leading up to the trial are depicted in the film Lawless.

There are several legal distilleries in Franklin County that are owned and operated by the families with long histories in the moonshine business. The three most notable are Franklin County Distilleries, Twin Creeks Distillery, and Law’s Choice Distillery.

Franklin County is proud of our heritage and welcomes all who come visit and want to learn more about us.


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