Expected Schedule

Monday, April 20 >>>> 20m phone, 6pm-9pm >>>> 40m digital, 6pm-9pm >>>> 40m phone, 9pm-midnight Tuesday, April 21 >>>> 40m phone, 6pm-9pm Wednesday, April 22 >>>> 20m phone, noon-6pm >>>> 40m digital, 6pm-9pm >>>> 40m phone, 3pm-midnight Thursday, April 23 >>>> 20m phone, 3pm-6pm >>>> 40m digital, 6pm-9pm >>>> 40m phone, 6pm-9pm Friday, April 24Continue reading “Expected Schedule”

Talking Points for Operators

Here are some talking points for your patter between QSOs when not in a pileup or to get started and draw attention to your frequency. For background before you begin operation, consider reading through some of the links on the main page of the website. April is Franklin County’s Moonshine Heritage Month. The W4M specialContinue reading “Talking Points for Operators”

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