Whiskey 4 Moonshine

Whiskey 4 Moonshine-W4M

Special Event Station for Moonshine Heritage Month in Franklin County, Virginia.

April 15 through April 30, 2020

(Banner photo courtesy of Blue Ridge Institute and Museum)

Proposed QSL card for the special event station. QSL cards will be sent to all confirmed QSL cards received with a SASE. International QSLs, please include $2 USD to cover international postage.

W4M Expected Schedule

Want to find us? We’re out here on a volunteer schedule, so you may have to do some searching for us. Start here–> Current Expected Schedule <–We may be on at other times and other bands and modes as opportunity allows.

Whiskey 4 Moonshine

W4M (“Whiskey 4 MOONSHINE”) will operate from April 15 through April 30 on 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m, 80m, and 160m HF bands (depending upon volunteers preferences and equipment) using phone, digital, and cw modes. Operations will take place in Franklin and surrounding counties with one remote operation planned in conjunction with a local Moonshine Heritage Month event on April 25.

Would you like to volunteer to operate W4M – Whiskey 4 MOONSHINE?

Please register using our participant registration form <—(click). The schedule process will go smoother if you use a Google account email address, but we’ll work with you even if you don’t have one. Once you register, you will receive access to the sign-up sheet and can sign up for time slots to operate. We are welcoming anyone from the area (and a few from outside the area) to operate. All operations except for the one on-site event may be done from home stations.

Reach out to the coordinator, Bryant Johnson AF2T, at the contact information below if you would like to talk about the event and our planned operations.

But I don’t know anything about Franklin County’s moonshine heritage.

Here are some reading to get some background on the area’s moonshine heritage. More links will be added as time goes on.

Blue Ridge Institute & Museum: Moonshine–Blue Ridge Style

Moonshine Heritage Blog (older posts, but good info)

Article on local Franklin County history

A History of Moonshine Production in Franklin County

Rise and Shine: Cable channel production about Franklin County Moonshine Heritage

How Prohibition Gave Birth To NASCAR

Article from 2019 about Franklin County Moonshine Heritage month

The Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935

CANCELLED–On Site Event: W4M-Sharing The Heritage

CANCELLED–Unfortunately due to the restrictions in place to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have had to cancel our on site event for this year. Please practice social distancing and take all precautions advised by the CDC and the WHO to slow or halt the spread of this disease. We will still be on the air April 15-30, so listen for us on the bands.

We will have one on-site event during the Moonshine Heritage Festival. W4M-Sharing The Heritage will be held in conjunction with The Early Inn’s Shindig & Shine event on April 25, 2020. The Early Inn has invited us to set up a station (or two) near The Grand Oak Pavilion and operate there all afternoon and throughout the Shindig & Shine festivities (6pm-10pm). Those of us on site will activate W4M on 20m and 40m phone (maybe digital, as well) from around noon until things wind down at 10pm. Contact the event coordinator (see bottom of this page) if you would like to help with this on-site event.

Quick Links–

Participant Registration Form

Talking Points for Operators

Current Expected Schedule

Photo courtesy of The Blue Ridge Institute & Museum

Find out more about Franklin County Moonshine Heritage Month at https://www.facebook.com/MoonshineHeritage2020/

Amateur Radio

Promote amateur radio and Franklin County while having fun operating and making contact.

Our goals
  • To HAVE FUN!
  • To raise awareness of Franklin County’s Moonshine Heritage.
  • To promote amateur radio to the public.
  • To HAVE FUN! (Yes, repetition is intentional.)

Franklin County Moonshine Heritage Month
Twin Creeks Distillery

Franklin County Distillery
Law’s Choice Distillery
The Early Inn at the Grove

Blue Ridge Institute and Museum
About Us

Whiskey 4 MOONSHINE special event coordinator is Bryant Johnson, AF2T. Bryant has been a resident since 2013 and is proud to call Franklin County home.

2020 is the first time we have done a special event station for Moonshine Heritage Month–if it is a success and we have fun with it, we’ll do it again!

Get In Touch

Email: w4m.moonshine@gmail.com
Call or text: (540) 268-0927

Facebook: W4M – Whiskey 4 MOONSHINE

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